Claudia Gustafson is a Massachusetts-based photographer. She grew up in the bohemian seacoast town of Barranco in Lima, Perú. Her work is often autobiographical and a mix of the metaphorical and the symbolic. The female figure is a constant theme in her images. She regards photography as a medium for exploring her inner world.

Claudia studied Communications at Universidad de Lima, and Professional Photography at Kodak Interamericana de Perú where she learned alternative darkroom processes. She has also studied art and photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, the New England School of Photography and at the Griffin Museum of Photography. In Lima, she worked as a freelance photographer for a local feminist magazine and a regional newspaper. In 2005, she started her own portrait and wedding photography business in the Boston area.

Claudia's work has been exhibited in several local museums and galleries, among them the Griffin Museum of Photography, Danforth Art Museum, Sohn Fine Art Gallery, U-Forge Gallery, Fountain Street Gallery, the Providence Center for Photographic Arts, and at the Cambridge Art Association’s University Place and Kathryn Schultz Galleries.