In my work, I revisit pivotal themes of my past, my family history and some of the circumstances that brought me to leave a comfortable life and start anew in another country with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes.

Collaging together my past, I tell my story recreated from memory and from my old journals. This is a visual diary, portraying pain, fear, dreams, secrets and open ended questions.

To create this work, I used old family photos, images of sentimental possessions, writings from my journals, symbolic objects and images of women of different ages who represent my journey through life.
En el jardín (In the Garden)Arroz con leche (Rice with Milk)La niña buena (The Good Girl)Prisión (Prison)Para bien o para mal (For Better or for Worse)Juegos de imitación (Pretend Games)Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path)En carne viva (It Hurts So Bad)La zorra (Bitch)El castillo (The Castle)El peso del tiempo (The Weight of Time)Arrepentimientos (Regrets)La búsqueda (The Search)Todo acaba (Everything Ends)Mis gaviotas (My Seagulls)Dos mundos (Two Worlds)El sueño (The Dream)Hacia la luz (Into the Light)