The Space Between

Everyone runs.

I remain still, dazed.

Somewhere between the vast sea

and the blue sky,

In the land of dreams.

Fading away,

Filled with questions.

Mystery sinking into my skin.

Seeping, burning.

Still alone,

Still waiting.


An Ancient Voice

A plume, a stone, a broken seal.

A river of words to reveal

Why can’t I feel you?


A bird, a cup, an unmade bed

Another day that unfolds

What are you hiding?


A path, a wave, an opened door

Crossroads wherever I go

Where is your kingdom?


A tree, a hill, a quiet house

Nothing that time cannot heal

Why am I trembling?


A spell, an ankh, an ancient voice

Maybe I am finally awake

Or am I dreaming?


Don’t Ask Me

Don’t dare let your first question be:

Where are you from?

The land that heard my first cry

can’t tell you much about me, like


The secrets I hide

The ghosts that I fight

Why tears fill my eyes

The future I want

Why I trust my wings, and

The songs I sing aloud when I know I am alone


Don’t ask me where I am from, no, don’t ask me that yet.

First realize I have been here under many signs, and every land.

Don’t ask me about my hemisphere, my roots, my stars;

They won’t give away my hidden scars.

The answers you are seeking just won’t come that way.

If you want to know me, then ask better questions, like


Do you dance in the rain?

Are you afraid of the unknown?

Do you have recurring dreams?

Did you unmask the false prophets?, and

What stories do you tell in the dark of the night?


But don’t dare let your first question be:

Where are you from?

I am not like the people born on the same land.