Reflections is an intimate exploration of my journey through life. A catalog of my thoughts, ideas and experiences at this point in time. These images are autobiographical but universal and metaphorical without a specific narrative.

These series of self portraits in a mirror were created using the automatism technique which dates back to the early Surrealist artists. Automatism refers to creating art without conscious thought, accessing material from the unconscious mind as part of the creative process.

Each frame is a physical manifestation portraying varying layers of meaning: an emotional space in time, a moment of contemplation or introspection, a facet of indecision or strength, desperation and freedom.
Disappearing # 1Disappearing # 2OtherworldlyCounterpoint # 1Counterpoint # 2White Glove # 1White Glove # 2Recurring DreamsCrossroads # 1Crossroads # 2State of MindLiminal # 1Liminal # 2Awakening # 1Awakening # 2Invisible LightTrust your Wings