Shades Collective selects five images from Historias fragmentadas

July 01, 2019

An incredible honor to share this space with these five amazing photographers. Thanks to AKEA BRIONNE BROWN, JENNIFER A. FERRETTI and COLETTE VEASEY-CULLORS from Shades Collective!

In recent years, there have been a particular emphasis on developing conversations around racial identity and injustice in American society. We are seeing a wealth of conversations about race, but minimal discussions that expand the discussions beyond black and white individuals. Though we still welcome imagery exploring blackness and white life in America, we wanted to begin to widen the conversation to those outside of those narratives.

In Between seeks to showcase the work of lens based artists exploring race, identity, and place beyond the emphasis of Black and White racial tensions in America.

Featured in this exhibition is: Kat Liu, Claudia Ruiz Gustafson, Adriana Monsalve, Sydney Cook, Anushka Jajodia, and Granville Carroll. To read the interview click here.