My project Maria is a Photolucida Critical Mass 2020 Finalist!

August 17, 2020

Pleased to be a Photolucida Critical Mass 2020 finalist for my project Maria! These are some of the comments about my work from the Jurors:

  • Beautiful and poignant body of work!
  • Imaginative, playful body of work re-envisioning this particular person - nice use of material and image.
  • What a wonderful act of commemoration and appreciation, a sacrament really. Like a sacrament, a great deal of the power comes from the fact that the central player is invisible, is present only in mind and spirit. You have no choice but to create Maria, suggest Maria, draw upon your memories of Maria. And this connects to a comment by the great French photographer Robert Doisneau -- "You must remember: to suggest is to create; to describe is to destroy."
  • This series is gorgeously evocative, at once specific and personal while universal enough to welcome the viewer's imagination. The compositions, symbolism and palette are unique but still of a piece, expressing imaginative creativity.

El sueño de María (Maria’s dream)El sueño de María (Maria’s dream) MaríaMaría El lugar donde convergen los sueños (The place where dreams converge)El lugar donde convergen los sueños (The place where dreams converge)