Crossing Cultures opens at the Fort Point Art Gallery

March 30, 2021

Crossing Cultures: Family, Memory and Displacement 3.0, my first curatorial project, opened this month at the beautiful and elegant Fort Point Art Gallery in the heart of Boston. 

Crossing Cultures is an art exhibition about family, memory, displacement and identity from the point of view of five visual artists with roots in four continents: Astrid Reischwitz (Germany), Nilou Moochhala (India), Shabnam Jannesari (Iran), Claudia Ruiz Gustafson (Peru) and Vivian Poey (Mexico and Cuba). Through the use of vintage family photographs, and the use of different mediums: photography, mixed media and video, these artists uncover their family stories and create complex, multidimensional narratives to reflect upon what they have left behind while shifting countries and at the same time honoring and remembering family traditions and vanishing ways of life.