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Our dreams can act as mirrors, reflecting our emotional intelligence, showing us where we are in life and what we need to know about ourselves. Dreams fascinate me, as does Jungian psychology and the concept of individuation and the collective unconscious. This series of photographs—En algún lugar (Somewhere)—brings to life significant or imagined concepts from my dreams.

Using symbolic objects and nature, I place myself in evocative scenes that lie in a realm of awareness beyond this world. My son often accompanies me, as he does in my dreams. The work validates the importance of remembering who we are and where we have come from.

I use a camera fitted with toy lenses to capture a blurred reality. This practice helps me forge deeper meaning by strengthening the links between waking and dreaming, arriving and preparing to leave, restriction and freedom.

Everyone runs.
I remain still, dazed.

Somewhere between the vast sea
and the blue sky,
In the land of dreams.

Fading away,
Filled with questions.

Mystery sinking into my skin.
Seeping, burning.
Still alone,
Still waiting.

Review by Emma Powell
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