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Reflections is an intimate exploration of my journey through life, a merging of the autobiographical and the universal. A metaphorical series without a specific narrative.

For this body of work I use my body as a way to re-claim it for myself. I grew up in a deeply patriarchal and machista country where women’s body is a battleground. Working with my own body is a symbolic act of reparation and liberation by being in both sides of the camera as the photographer and the subject.

These self-portraits in a mirror gave me the freedom to act out my different selves. Each image from Reflections evokes varying levels of meaning, representing an emotional space in time, a moment of contemplation or introspection, indecision or strength, desperation and freedom.
Disappearing # 1Disappearing # 2OtherworldlyCounterpoint # 1Counterpoint # 2White Glove # 1White Glove # 2Recurring DreamsCrossroads # 1Crossroads # 2State of MindLiminal # 1Liminal # 2Awakening # 1Awakening # 2Invisible LightTrust your WingsAtelier 20, Griffin Museum of PhotographyAtelier 20, Griffin Museum of Photography