Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson | She

The inspiration for She came from a poem from the Nag Hammadi Scriptures titled Thunder, Perfect Mind. In my work, I coupled images with stanzas from this poem. The woman and the objects in these images represent the goddess and the sacred feminine reclaiming her place in the world. Through this series, I aim to channel the need to restore the balance between masculine and feminine principles in our society and within ourselves.

This poem along with many other ancient manuscripts was found in a cave in Egypt in 1945 and was probably written around the 1st century. It was only recently made available to the general public.

Unlike the rest of the treatises, Thunder, Perfect Mind is spoken in the voice of a feminine divine power and deals with the endless aspects of the female psyche and the goddess. The author of this poem is unknown but some scholars believe it belonged to an early Gnostic church where gender roles were egalitarian.