Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson | The Space Between

Everyone runs.
I remain still, dazed.
Somewhere between the vast sea
and the blue sky,
In the land of dreams.
Fading away,
Filled with questions.
Mystery sinking into my skin.
Seeping, burning.
Still alone,
Still waiting.

I have been keeping dream journals for many years. I have recurring dreams. There are dreams that reveal themselves only after a long time. Others, however, inform my waking life immediately. Like Carl Jung, I don’t believe dreams need to be interpreted; they are doing their work just by linking the known with the unknown.

In this series, I am re-enacting my dreams, this practice helps me discover their deeper meaning. To create these images, I use metaphors and symbols. I write poetry, sketch my visions, and then I capture them with my camera using toy and vintage lenses to create a blur reality.
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