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These images were created intuitively in my home during the pandemic lockdown as my days were blending with one another while feeling a growing sense of sadness and anxiety. Using my body to interact with the rooms and objects in my home and a minimalist approach, I took photographs to mirror my own state of mind.

Suspended World is divided into three chapters, each one shot in a different room in my home. From a Jungian perspective, dreams of houses usually represent the soul and the self, while each room is reflective of a different aspect of our psyche. This work, along with the poem, are my personal responses to the Great Pause of 2020.

Tanto va el cántaro al agua o Ese querer arrancarse de raíz

Un mundo suspendido
en la madrugada del tiempo.

Una rutina de días.
Me escondo detrás de una palabra
me sacuden los vientos de marzo
y las lluvias de abril con sus augurios.

Vaivén de horas perdidas.


Ese querer ser y no ser.

Esas ansias de no volver.